AIM Video Production Services

Video Production on a budget? AIM Video Production has the experience and creativity to help make your next production a success without busting the bank. From creating Broadcast Commercial Ads to producing Online Promotional Videos, we can meet all of your production needs whether in studio or on location.

Broadcast Commercial Production

AIM Video Production offers a wide range of commercial options from onsite productions to in-studio greenscreen composites and full effects production.

We are available to work with your advertising agency or direct with you to develop storyboards and shoot schedules.  We will coordinate with all parties involved to save you time and ultimately save you money.

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Online Video

Let AIM Video Production assist you in bringing video to your site. Your company website is your direct link to your online customers.  That link has to be thought of in the same way as any other advertising.  You have to catch your customer’s attention and hold it to sell your products or services.  Video advertising from your website is essential.  Almost 95% of all internet users now have the capability to watch video online. Compression is minimal and quality is optimal. What this means for you is that you can now know that the amazing video you have on your website is being seen by a majority of your visitors and giving you a higher conversion rate. Video can also help in SEO, raising your site ranking and bringing more eyes to your site.

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Corporate Video Production

We can help you with your next corporate video project.  We can offer Multiple Camera Solutions for live events, Editing, Post Production, and DVD Authoring for product distribution. Contact us to learn about our affordable pricing for your corporate video needs.

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