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About AIM Video Production

Craig Mace, a Charlotte native, launched AIM Video Production in 2007. Up until 2007 he had been involved in Music Production and Commercial Broadcast work with Sound Source Studios in South Charlotte. Craig produced content for DISH Network, COMCAST and Time Warner’s On Demand programming and worked as manager over the content distribution. In 2007 the studio was acquired by a Canadian based company requiring Craig to transition.  From the transition came AIM Video Production, LLC focused on internet media production for local businesses, internet marketing and advertising.

Craig’s artistic talents along with his technical skills in field production and cinematography offer clients a diverse level of input and structured clarity required in today’s fast paced world of production. Craig can take your video project from concept to final production with the creative and technical expertise that you expect. He understands the need to work within time and budgetary limits and will work with you to plan every aspect of your project.

“Each project requires creativity, planning, direction, focus and an AIM to deliver the very best.”

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